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Hydrain system prevent water infiltration into your home!

The Hydrain system is the only solution that ensures effective surface drainage and prevents water accumulation in your window wells and gutter downspout outlets during heavy rains.

  • Patented system

    that prevents the dispersion of debris in the discharge line by means of a large retention area.
  • Large surface

    area that maximises rainwater collection and minimizes the possibility of overflows.
  • Two filtration stages

    resistant honeycomb grids and Hydrain strainer.
  • Simple connection

    Thanks to the decreasing internal size allowing for an easy installation.
  • Universal connection

    adapts perfectly to all types of 100 mm (4 in) drainage pipes.
  • Ribbed design

    offers excellent resistance to harsh climatic conditions.
  • Easy maintenance

    without risk of clogging.

How to install Hydrain system?

Installation guide and spec sheet

Installation Guide

How does Hydrain system works?

Water damage: tops the list of insurance claims

Water damage now accounts for nearly half of the amounts paid for home insurance claims in Quebec, well ahead of damage caused by fire and theft. Each year, the Canadian insurance industry pays out over one billion dollars in claims to victims of water damage.

Water damage can result in high repair bills for home owners. It can also cause permanent damage to carpeting, floors, furniture and electronic equipment, as well as destroy priceless family photos and valuables. Source : INSURANCE BUREAU OF CANADA